Restaurant Management - Create the Ambience to Delight the Customers

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Effective restaurant management is the key to run the hotel business successfully. In the recession that the whole economy is going through today, the tourism industry must be handled with utmost care.

Restaurant management includes many things such as managing the staff, proper communication and effective and clear execution of plans and strategies. The main thing that affects the working of a restaurant is the staff, which has to be dealt with in a proper manner. Communication is the key to execution of daily activities. So books should be maintained or written records should be maintained for smooth communication. As the restaurant business normally works in shifts for 24 hours and 7 days a week, open and clear communication is very necessary. All the activities in a particular shift has be noted down so that a person coming in the next shift must be aware of everything and prepared to handle any type of query. This is the most important function of restaurant management.

All the routine activities in the restaurants can be managed appropriately if proper use of resources is made and in return they get acknowledged or appreciated for the work done. This industry deals with all sorts of people, so the stress level is quite high. Hence proper skills are required to deal with everybody in a polite and professional manner. It is very important to impart proper staff training to make full and proper utilization of available resources. Also perks of some sort have to be announced and brought into force as this is a big motivating factor in the effective working of any organization.

The resources which comprise of humans and technology should be gelled in the best possible way to deliver excellent results. Staff management is the most sensitive area and should be dealt with tactfully. Extra care has to be taken to assure them good future and security which will in turn have less turnover of human resources.

As mentioned, the next most important resource for restaurant management is the technology which should be used to the best of its ability. Nowadays technology keeps getting updated every day but we must use resources that are useful to us. For example, the computer software for storing data is a must. Hence a good quality computer with proper back up facilities should be provided for fast and easier execution of activities. We also get specially designed packages for maintain all the records of the total dealings and accounts of the day to day transaction carried out in a restaurant.

Ambience is another important part of restaurant management and is necessary to attract more and more customers. Air conditioning is also a part of necessities in a restaurant as people come there to chill for some time and want to be at ease. Always maintain cleanliness and hygiene as it is necessary for a restaurant. A restaurant is a public place where you will find all types of people walking in.

We have to ensure the happiness of the guests or customers that come in the restaurant. The best way to make them happy is to ensure satisfaction of the staff. If the staff is motivated enough to go out of their way to make the guests happy, the restaurant is said to be managed effectively.

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